Reflections of a Pirate on #EdcampGrafton 2017

What a great day! I went to my second #edcamp ever. I traveled to Grafton MA to attend #edcampgrafton. I was very excited to see Lena, one of my PLN who I met in person a few weeks ago at my first Edcamp. So it was time to build the board for the day. I hemmed and hawed and decided to take a risk and decided to facilitate a session. It was sooo cool. Our topic was using science to engage student learners. We started the conversation there but talked about so many things.

We talked about anchoring phenomena, Scribblebots and engineering.

Session 1 #edcampgrafton

My next session was AMAZING!. It was LEAD Like A Pirate. And we were so lucky because @BethHouf one of the authors joined us in Google Hangout from her home.


Beth’s message is about how each and everyone of us has the capacity to be a leader no more our situation. Teachers are leaders of the classrooms, Principals can be powerfully passionate of their schools. Even I can Lead like a Pirate from my cubicle in Barre, VT. I can make a difference for students but in more subtle, indirect ways.  I also need to say I met Kristen , a science colleague and moderator of #scitlap and other PLN colleagues in real life. I want to make sure the connections deepen and the sharing and learning continues.

My final session was  Project based Learning but the absolutely best part is I got to meet the infamous, talented @raynafreedman. So very cool. We also had some great discussions as Rayna shared soem of here units with us. I would say Rayna’s classroom exemplifies “personalized ” learning. She takes the lead from her 5th grade students. I was so very impressed . I want  to take another road trip to visit her classroom.

And then it was time to drive home and time to think an wonder how/what I can take from today to change my Monday. On Monday, I am attending a two day workshop on building proficiency based performance assessments. I am contemplating what part Hyperdocs might play in performance assessments. Thank you Rayna. I might be contacting you.







2 thoughts on “Reflections of a Pirate on #EdcampGrafton 2017

  1. Edcamp energy is an excellent brew, and your description reveals several special ingredients in Grafton. All the best as you sift, sort the various inspirations and determine next steps.

  2. Kathy, I enjoyed reading your reflections – I especially liked the fact that you jumped in as a leader to facilitate your own session even before you went to the Lead like a Pirate session. Your post channels the energy and inspiration of Edcamp!

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