Reflections of a Pirate on #EdcampGrafton 2017

What a great day! I went to my second #edcamp ever. I traveled to Grafton MA to attend #edcampgrafton. I was very excited to see Lena, one of my PLN who I met in person a few weeks ago at my first Edcamp. So it was time to build the board for the day. I hemmed and hawed and decided to take a risk and decided to facilitate a session. It was sooo cool. Our topic was using science to engage student learners. We started the conversation there but talked about so many things. We talked about anchoring phenomena, Scribblebots … Continue reading Reflections of a Pirate on #EdcampGrafton 2017

NGSS and Anchoring Phenomena Post #3

First of all Anchoring Phenomena #2 was just  published on Friday by the Teaching Channel .   I was very excited to see it as I had spent part of the professional learning session I presented talking about anchoring phenomena. I used a device that lights up and buzzes as  the anchor phenomena for a few Grade 4 Energy performance expectations. After the participants explored the phenomena and talked, they used criteria to determine if my choice was a good one . The criteria  is explained in more detail below. Sitting at home on Saturday evening , watching Devil Wears Prada … Continue reading NGSS and Anchoring Phenomena Post #3

Let’s Appreciate Teachers All Year Long !

So it’s almost time for school.  Teachers have been preparing for weeks. They can’t sleep at night. They are having the dreaded “teacher nightmare”. There are no new supplies, teacher cannot find the first day of school outfit , the classroom hasn’t been cleaned and so many other possibilities show up in the “teacher nightmare” As I have been thinking , remembering  and even having one of those dreams 10 years later, a new thought occurred to me, why should we wait for May for Teacher Appreciation week. Shouldn’t teacher appreciation begin right now as teachers  start school with students? … Continue reading Let’s Appreciate Teachers All Year Long !

Change : Teachers are Innovators of Learning

  I have been engaged in a great deal of reading, thinking and discourse about change in our classrooms, schools, districts. Although ideas from three books  pushed my thinking : Coherence ( Fullan ), Switch (Chip and Dan Heath) and Innovators Mindset (George Couros), it was Innovators Mindset that made the greatest impact.  “Change isn’t something you do to someone else, it’s something you experience. So my current thinking is “I can begin to change me. I can make change in my classroom. I can show my students that I can take risks and solve problems just like I ‘m … Continue reading Change : Teachers are Innovators of Learning

Why Fostering A Collaborative Culture is Awesome!

So far my new online class is awesome. I have met a whole new group of colleagues from around the country and the world. I have to admit that I am feeling a bit old when interacting with these new colleagues of mine. I have learned much more about using the online platform Zoom. I have learned how to use Zoom for my own learning  and now I can use it to collaborate with colleagues including doing both small and large group work. The best part of the learning has been the very quick teaching videos like this one How … Continue reading Why Fostering A Collaborative Culture is Awesome!

Wonderings and Questions About Anchoring Phenomena

I wonder what question come to mind when a student sees the “energy stick” light up. I wonder what a student thinks when he is able to give Wooly Willy hair or a beard.  What questions do students have when they are able to play with Newton’s Cradle in a small group? Do students wonder what makes one ball kicked in the kickball game go a long way once but just dribble the next time? I consider all these wonderings as I begin thinking about what makes a good anchoring phenomenon for a science unit or bundle. When I start … Continue reading Wonderings and Questions About Anchoring Phenomena

Ode to Many Inspirational and Transformational Teachers & Leaders

This blog post  started on  Sunday morning the first day of Teacher Appreciation and my day started on #sunchat where we were celebrating and discussing how to support new teachers. I am going to reflect back on the teachers who made a difference, who helped me to grow and how each of them made a difference for the students in the classroom.   My first thank you will go to the principal of the small Catholic school where I was teaching part time very early in my career. She released me from my contract and allowed me to travel to … Continue reading Ode to Many Inspirational and Transformational Teachers & Leaders

Learning and Sharing #NGSS through Twitter and Other Social Media

I have to say I love communicating using Twitter . Other than being a Grammy sometimes and sharing Riley , most of my Tweets and other posts on social media are dealing with education . To be even more specific, my focus is on the unpacking, understanding and implementing #NGSS, hoping to collaborate with elementary schools teachers and coaches in this work. Using Twitter I never really know if I am talking to myself or if I am saying something or sharing something that someone finds useful. For example, here is a Tweet that came from me thinking about #NGSS … Continue reading Learning and Sharing #NGSS through Twitter and Other Social Media

Leveraging Three-Dimensional Learning

I am feeling exhilarated and saturated. I want to celebrate the Vermont educators who are attending the Three Dimensional Learning series because we are so on the journey to #NGSS implementation. Thinking about those Vermont educators who are on the cutting edge of changing science instruction for all students in VT is why I am feeling exhilarated. I know we still have lots of work but we have broken ground. I am feeling saturated after only two days but those two days have been so very full of new learning for me. Yesterday Brett Moulding who has been featured in … Continue reading Leveraging Three-Dimensional Learning

#NSTA16 Preview-#TchLive Twitter Chat

Science in the spring is always a good learning time for me and this year is no different. I look forward to going to Nashville and re-connecting with friends I only see once a year. This year is already special because I am so excited to be a member of the Teaching Channel’s NextGen Squad. I am so ready to meet these new colleagues and collaborate in our understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards. On Thursday, March 24th at 7 PM , there will be a #TchLive Twitter chat. We will be talking about #NSTA16. I hope you will join … Continue reading #NSTA16 Preview-#TchLive Twitter Chat