Let’s Appreciate Teachers All Year Long !

So it’s almost time for school.  Teachers have been preparing for weeks. They can’t sleep at night. They are having the dreaded “teacher nightmare”. There are no new supplies, teacher cannot find the first day of school outfit , the classroom hasn’t been cleaned and so many other possibilities show up in the “teacher nightmare”

As I have been thinking , remembering  and even having one of those dreams 10 years later, a new thought occurred to me, why should we wait for May for Teacher Appreciation week. Shouldn’t teacher appreciation begin right now as teachers  start school with students? Teachers are working so hard in these early days to build relationships with their students. They are creating learning environments where children go home to their parents on the first or even second day of school and say “This is going to be the best year ever” “I can’t wait until tomorrow to go back to school.”

We need to appreciate them right from the very beginning  for everything they do . Let’s appreciate our wonderful teachers beginning right now and continuing all year long.


Dedicated to my dear teacher colleagues : Anne Neary, Jessica Roberts, Katie Biggs, Katie Girard, Chelsea Berry, Amanda Rogers, Ryan Wallace, Roz Bryyne , Genessa Zickefoose, Laura Dailey, Megan Paul, Cecily Merrill, Jesse Riemenschneider, Melissa Schumaker, Gail Parris, Monica Washington. Last but not least @redhdteacher , Megan Allen

I am going to try and begin my new movement “Teacher Appreciation All Through the Year”


9 thoughts on “Let’s Appreciate Teachers All Year Long !

  1. Well said. Although teachers don’t do it for the appreciation, we do it for the intrinsic reward. Every bit of encouragement helps us to continue and fuels our ability to pursue lofty goals.

  2. Teacher nightmares may never go away, yet your sentiments for generous appreciation remain worthy. Thanks for sharing, Kathy.

    1. Brian,

      I don’t think I want the teacher nightmares and sometimes dreams to ever go away. I am still a teacher, mostly of adults but still a teacher, facilitator , coach. I am lucky enough to have time with students coming up in a few weeks. I admit I am a little nervous so looking forward to it.


  3. <3 The kids are coming tomorrow (luckily just not to my room) it is still a disaster because I've been focusing on my "out of room" duties. My version of the nightmare is not waking up in time.. which helps me wake up a million times before my alarm clock- so helpful. Thanks Kathy, you are amazing!!!

  4. I have seen the quote a couple of times now on memes: “There’s no kind of tired like beginning of the year teacher tired!” SO true! Now would be a fabulous time for a random cup of coffee or flowers for your desk.

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